Why Choose Us?Arts-Integrated Preschool –Georgia's Highest Quality Care

Youth development is essential to the future academic success of children. Children who attend quality childhood programs consistently demonstrate better outcomes in social, emotional, intellectual, and language development.

Children who do not attend quality childhood programs tend to fall behind in preschool and often do not catch up to their peers academically, even if they are placed in remedial classes once they start school.

Positive childhood educational experiences turn into positive work experiences later in life. Behaviors learned as a child usually carry over into workforce development areas such as conflict management, time management, task completion, communication skills, social skills, emotional skills, and higher work ethics. We have everything a loving parent could want and ask for and more!

  • We Offer high-quality child care

  • We Surpass milestones that meet the social and emotional developmental needs of children

  • We Provides quality child care for the community’s working parents

  • We Prepare preschool-age children to start school on an advance level

  • We Provide school-age children with challenging, high-quality before- and after-school educational  programs and fine arts.

  • We Specializes in the Performing Arts and in academics. Our students have the best of both worlds.

  • We a loving and safe environment that stimulates learning.

  • We are Faith Based, teaching morals, building character, wisdom and knowledge.

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  • We agree with every Parent who want their child to be in a safe and loving environment.  All our staff has received  Health and Safety Training, has criminal background checks, certified, CPR and 1st Aid Training.


  • We agree with every Parent about being involved and interactive, in addition to having good communication with teachers about the progress of their child.  We provide assessments, newsletters, field trips, and family events.

  • We agree with every Parent who have multiple children that sibling discounts should be offered.  We do offer Sibling Discounts.

  • We agree with Parents who desire healthy meals for their children.  We provide nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks.

  • We agree with every Parent who wants their child to learn and grow to their fullest potential.   Our #1 mission is learning through teaching Academics and Performing Arts.

  • We are the most diverse Preschool.  Our Advance Scholars are educated in Mathematics, Technology, Science, Engineering, Social Studies, English, Foreign Language, Economy, Entrepreneurship and History. They learn how to read and write in additional to reaching their basic Milestones and required basic preschool learning of colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabets. We are a full service childcare program for Parents who value the arts and quality education.

  • We have high standards and a preschool of excellence.

All In One


  • Academics

  • Dance

  • Music

  • Drama

  • Tumbling

  • TayoAcro

  • Flexparlift