Parents Welcome Letter

"Every child is valued, excels and thrive relentlessly with courage."

Our behalf of our Iconic Staff and Director we welcome you to Tayo Reed's Performing Arts Preschool Academy!

We are dedicated to servicing our community, parents and students in excellence by teaching the highest level of education, fine arts, and leadership with integrity.  We are an educational, faith based, accredited academy integrating academics and the performing arts.  Our exclusive teaching method, "Tayoartology" helps every child become an Advanced Scholar.  Tayoartology was established in 1988 to meet the needs of children academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.


Quality over quantity is essential for each classroom for the development daily of each child. We are honored that you are interested in our one of kind and full service Parent Community Resource. All your childcare needs will be accommodated for ages 2 year olds to 6 year olds. Our Performing Arts Center and Private Educational Day School has youth programs for school age children.

Our Mission  "Teaching beyond milestones developing Advance Scholars and Entrepreneurs.
Our Vision    "Every child, valued, excels and thrive relentlessly"

Our Purpose  "Inspiring hope and dreams, building communities, and uniting families with the foundation of "LOVE"