Tayo Reed Performing Arts Center

Annual Events

December Production

This is the entire family time to participate in a major production.  Rehearsals start in October.

May Legends Recital

This is the annual show of the year when all the students

present to their parents all the technical classes they have learned.

October Fall Performing

Arts Festival & Stop the Violent Peace Parade

In 2010, Tayo Reed established 1st community event in Union City, GA called the Performing Arts Festival and the Parade of Peace "Stop the Violence" from 23 people to over 300 people.  Selected students will preform for the community event with a message of stop the violence and love not hate. Click the hightlight section below to see how we are making a difference in our community. We do more than teach classes,we change lives!  VIEW PAST EVENTS

preschool dancers sisters.png